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Designed for everyday

Smart products for kitchen, home and garden

Bringing beauty into our everyday lives

Household tasks take up a lot of our time but they need not be drudgery. So why not enjoy doing those tasks with beautiful products that are inspired in design and a joy to use

Smart design

Smart design is well made, intelligent products which are fun to use and take the drudge out of drudgery.


Household chores are repetitive. Our ergonomically designed products are balanced and created to take the stress out of chores.


Our products are long lasting and durable and when they have outlived their use you can dispose of them without guilt because you can be sure they will degrade safely.


Our products are ethically sourced and manufactured using the best raw materials.

Great prices

We strive to bring you quality products at amazing prices.


All our products come with built-in extended warranties and lifetime guarantee.

Kitchen and Home

The two places we spend most of our time is in our homes and in our kitchens. Fill that time with quality, well designed products from Amio for quality kitchen and home time.